Vacancy in the TNF editorial team: Graphics & Twitter

, by TNF Editorial Board

Vacancy in the TNF editorial team: Graphics & Twitter

The New Federalist is recruiting one new editorial team member for the post of Social Media Officer. The new team member’s main tasks would be to produce graphics for TNF’s Facebook and Twitter channels, and to manage the TNF Twitter account.

Knowledge of and access to Canva, Photoshop or a corresponding software suitable for making graphics is requested of the applicant. Ability to produce graphic videos is a plus.

The estimated time commitment is 3 hours a week, sprinkled across the week (consisting of posting simple tweets to share new articles once or twice a day, and of making a graphic or two a week - unless you have enthusiasm for more!). Precision and good English grammar are also requested!

If you’re interested, send an email to tnf at with a motivation letter of up to one page where you present your related experience and your motivation for the post. Recruitment is on a rolling basis, which means the earlier you send the application the better. However, the indicative deadline would be Friday 8 February.

You would join the team immediately! The current editorial team’s mandate is until the end of September. As is typical in JEF, this is a voluntary post!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email tnf at for further information!

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